Dear Sirs,

We are the company supplying the service in the field of environmental protection in all over the country. Beside the fact that the Waste Bill which had been adopted by our parliament on the 27th of June 1997 started regulating issues regarding waste management we had had large and previous experience in the field of possibilities and methods of utilisation of toxic and non-toxic wastes.

In our portfolio we have also possibility to elaborate “Waste Management Program” which is a base for permission from local authorities for waste management and their generation which is related to the daily business activity and which is in conformity with article No 8 of above mention Waste Bill.

As we said before we would be pleased to propose you to establish long-term co-operation in the field of management, transport, and neutralisation and utilisation of the wastes generated by your company on the daily operation in Poland.

Our offer consist of:

Our company is specialised in following kind of service:

Trust and confident is our treasure, therefore a lot of companies like SONY Poland, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Era GSM, Idea GSM, Canal+ , TV1, Stock Exchange Brokers, PCBC, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson&Johnson, Oriflame, Benckiser, JohnsonDiversey, ICI Auto Color, SCANIA, Petro-Trans, Electrolux and many others are our customers.

We were auditing by PricewaterhouseCoopers with positive result in 1999. As result of our services is our customer’s satisfaction of well done solution of their problems with their wastes.

For our services we give guarantee that wastes will be transported (ADR - if requested), utilised or neutralised or reuse according to conditions described in Waste Bill dtd. 27.04.2001 ( Official Journal no 62 pos. 628). As a proof we have valid concessions and permissions obtained from authorities which are the base of our activity.

In order to meet your requirements we have logistic means, warehouse and staff of experts ready to consult, advise and solve the problems of wastes generated in your company.

New Bills adopted by Polish Parliament are due to come to the force on the 1st of January 2002 – Packaging Bill and Product and Deposit Fee Bill. We are ready to consult and train your responsible crew to be ready by this time to fulfil all obligations regulated by these Acts. We are also ready to propose you outsourcing service to run evidence reports of the wastes that are very important issue of these Bills, which can allow you to reduce your internal cost and expenses.

If you have any requires please do not hesitate to contact us:

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